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      Boxing & MMA Equipment

      Boxing & MMA Equipment are important tools for keeping good health.

      There are many benefits to a boxing workout. They help you keep fit whilst giving you strength and teaching discipline.

      Boxing is quite a high-intensity sport which requires a high level of skill, speed, stamina, agility, hand-eye coordination, just to name a few. However, boxing as a fitness activity allows you to acquire these skills without having to take a punch. Not only that, but boxing also helps tone and strengthen your muscles. As well as burning tons of calories and can be a great help in weight loss.

      As we’ve just said, there are many benefits. We have also written an article about 5 fantastic health benefits of boxing workouts.

      This category features 2 of SS Healthfood’s own brands, Scientific Strength Systems & Ironman.

      This category doesn’t just cater to beginners wanting to learn. We feature all the products needed to get serious about sport fighting.

      Ironman Moldable Gum Shields that mould and fit your mouth perfectly is a top seller here at SS Healthfoods.

      We also cater to people training our athletes. We have plenty of products that focus on protection, these can be things such as head guards, abdominal protectors and focus pads.

      Punching Pads

      For all your jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts, our fantastic range of great quality boxing pads will allow you to take a hit safely.

      Boxing is a fantastic sport for building overall strength and fitness and improving speed, focus and coordination – and our boxing pads are one of the best ways to hone your skills and boost your performance.

      They’re a must when it comes to training before you get in the ring – but even if you don’t plan on taking part in any boxing matches, they’re a great addition to mix up your workout routine with an activity that really packs a punch.

      Parents can use these as a frustration outlet for kids to use with them. A healthy way to deal with anger, fear and anxiety as well as providing your child with a fun workout.

      Anti-moisture technology will keep the wearer cool and comfortable, while a three-layer padding construction is great for absorbing the impact of strikes.

      Now all you need is a training partner to get started!