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      Knee Wraps For Weightlifting

      Knee wraps are compression-type wraps that are designed to provide support and stability to the knee joints.

      They are made of similar elastic material used in wrist wraps but are much longer in material length (typically 72 inches or longer).

      Support for these has gained popularity as they tend to improve knee safety during heavy (squatting) workouts.

      Why should you use them?

      When lifting heavy weights, a high amount of pressure is placed on the knees. They help ease the tension and stress placed on the quadricep muscles.

      They help to enhance and support heavy lifting, help with joint wear & swelling. Ever watch a strongman competition and see no material on knees? Not likely.
      Put simply, using wraps will allow you to lift more weight and alleviate the damage done to your knees.

      What is the best method to wrap your knees?

      There are two main options for this, the spiral technique and the crisis cross. Spiral teaches you to start below the knee and wrap the material around it in a spiral method until you run out of material.

      During the spiralling motion, be sure there is enough tension that provides support but doesn’t constrict the knees so that you can’t bend them

      Crisscross technique is exactly how it sounds, start at the top of the knee and wrap criss-cross diagonally down to the bottom of the knee and continue to crisis cross until no more material.

      If you are interested in increasing the amount of weight that you can squat or clean, then knee wraps undoubtedly play an important role!