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    Branched-Chain Amino Acids, commonly referred to as BCAA’s are a group of three essential amino acids. Leucine, Isoleucine, and Valine all make up the trifecta of BCAA’s.

    Most people supplement these amino acids because they are widely researched to be shown as helping to boost muscle growth. Not only are they good for muscle growth, but they also help enhance athletic performance.

    As well as the muscle-building side, they can help with weight loss as well as reducing fatigue. They do this by helping the muscles stay at their top-level longer and decrease muscle breakdown.

    BCAA supplements are commonly taken in order to boost muscle growth and enhance exercise performance. They may also help with weight loss and reduce fatigue after exercise.

    Your body uses BCAA’s to build muscle proteins and produce energy. This is said to have an effect on your brain which in turn reduces the effects of fatigue. Thanks to this, you’re able to work out for longer, which may help you build lean muscle mass.

    As highlighted above, getting enough Branched Chain Amino Acids in your diet is essential if you are looking to boost muscle growth. Commonly, you get BCAA’s from protein-rich foods such as chicken, beef, and eggs. However, at SS Healthfoods we have a wide variety of BCAA supplements that suit you down to tee.

    Scivation’s Xtend BCAA is a market-leading product. It contains 7g of BCAA’s – with 2:1:1 ratio – along with Glutamine and Citrulline Malate. Plus, with a proprietary blend of hydration-promoting electrolytes.

    But as well as that. Optimum Nutrition’s Train + Sustain is built on a foundation of Branched Chain Amino Acids prized by athletes for their ability to spare muscle during endurance training. This is because it has a whopping 5 g of BCAA’s per serving.