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    Mass Gainers

    Mass Gainers are an integral part of any weight gain goals. These protein powders are designed to be high in calories to help you gain mass fast. But they are also high in protein, and higher in carbohydrates to keep your energy levels up.

    If you know one thing about gaining mass it’s that it means you need to eat way more calories than you normally would. Eating a lot is hard work (you heard me). It’s time-consuming, it can get quite expensive and you spend a lot of time feeling full and fatigued. That’s where a mass gainer like Serious Mass-from Optimum Nutrition or Mutant Mass come in handy, mix with water or whole milk (for a thick milkshake) and drink those extra calories you need to bulk up.

    However like any weight management plan, do remember to count your calories, mass gainers are for gaining weight whilst training, exercising and lifting and generally keeping fit. These should not be used extensively to replace meals or a healthy balanced diet.