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    Browse our range of protein bars from the best brands. High-quality bars and low prices guaranteed.

    Protein bars are a convenient way to add some tasty protein into your hectic lifestyle. Ideal for breakfasts on the go, a snack before or after a gym sesh, a tasty snack between meals or even a healthy treat to satisfy those sweet cravings.

    Are Bars Healthy?

    Protein bars are a healthy choice compared to regular chocolate or granola bars because of the added protein. They tend to be lower in fat and lower in added sugar, they typically contain protein powder, natural sweeteners and carbohydrates.

    What Type of  Bars Are There?

    Protein bars have come a long way, there are various types to suit a range of fitness goals and dietary needs, such as:

    • Diet Bars
    • Plant-Based Bars
    • Gluten-Free Bars
    • Low Sugar Bars
    • Vegan Bars
    • Keto Bars
    • Hi-Protein Chocolate Bars
    • Pre-Post Workout Bars
    • Protein Bar Brands

    Here at SS Healthfoods we have a wide selection and choice of single protein bars and multipacks from the best selling brands. We stock the popular Grenade Carb Killa bars, Snickers and Mars Hi-Protein Bars, PhD Smart Plant Bars, Quest Bars that are ideal for those on keto, Optimum Nutrition Protein Crisp, PhD Diet Whey Bars & More.