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      Amy’s Kitchen creates gluten-free organic soups that will liven up any mealtime. Allowing you to maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Amy’s Kitchen soup range comes packed full of flavour making your diet less boring.

      With over 30 years’ experience, Amy’s Kitchen knows a thing or two about creating tasty, wholesome dinners. Parents Andy and Rachel designed the brand after their daughter Amy was born. They wanted to give their child the best nutrition as she grew up. Now, the whole family works hard with Amy’s Kitchen chefs to try new flavours and create the highest-quality organic meals for their customers.

      The Amy’s Kitchen brand offer a great variety of mouth-watering flavours such as Chunky Tomato, Lentil Vegetable & Chilli. You can also find hearty Spanish Rice & Red Bean Soup, plus the smooth Cream of Mushroom Soup. Pair Amy’s kitchen Soups with some warm homemade bread to make a quick, no-fuss meal that your entire family will love.