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    Keep your carbohydrate macros down with the huge range of low carb snacks from Carbzone! If you’re eating LCHF (low carb, high fat), like with the ketogenic diet, there’s no need to give up your favourite foods! Carbzone makes it easy to eat nutritious and satisfying meals without a huge carb intake. All their products are made with natural and healthy ingredients. Plus, they’re rich in fibre and protein. And here at SS Healthfoods, we have an extensive selection of low carb snacks available. Check out the complete collection and find delicious food to keep your diet on track!

    After the Carbzone co-founders Tom and Ewa-Lena Hedrup found themselves overweight, they decided to try a low carb diet. After their success, the pair created their own line of low carb snacks to help others achieve their goals. Their range of foods was then sold to the Swedish health market.

    But that was almost 15 years ago. Carbzone products are now sold all over Europe and are available in a huge range of supermarkets and health stores. They’re especially valuable for bodybuilders, diabetics or any health-conscious customers who want to keep an eye on their carb intake. Carbzone believes you shouldn’t have to compromise on taste if you’re watching your nutrition, which is why their low carb snacks are packed full of natural flavour.

    In their fantastic selection of low carb snacks, it’s simple to find a food to suit your fancy. Check out Carbzone Low Carb Bread, an ideal alternative to the mass-produced supermarket variety that’s also full of protein.

    CarbZone will certainly help you maintain your balanced diet while providing all the nutrients you need. If you want to reduce the carbs in your diet, see the entire range from SS Healthfoods. We deliver low carb snacks for a great price, making it simple to look after your body. Or if you can’t find what you’re after, see all our healthfoods available now!