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    Shop a selection of Chiba gloves and accessories at SS Healthfoods. When it comes to bulking up and building muscle, there’s no gain without a bit of pain. But, while hardcore weight-lifting workouts might be great for your body, they can really take a toll on your hands. If blisters and friction burns are interfering with your training and stopping you reaching your targets, then the accessories you see in this collection are just what you need.

    Our collection of Chiba gloves from Germany contains everything you need to protect your hands and palms during weight training, so you can smash your workouts without suffering from blisters or calloused skin. They’re designed using material which is extra durable but very flexible, and they’ll give you that extra grip when lifted weight bars or dumbbells.

    German brand Chiba Athletics has been designing and manufacturing top-quality gloves since 1853 when they were first appointed by the Austrian Emperor to supply gloves for the Imperial family. Renowned around the world for their exceptionally high-quality gloves, they now produce fitness gloves for a range of different sports, including cycling, climbing, and weight training.

    We also stock specialist products such as Chiba Power Pads. These fit between your palm and the bar to prevent rubbing and blistering, and make a convenient alternative to traditional gloves, as you won’t need to keep taking them on and off between lifts.

    Whether you’re just getting started with weight training, or you’re an experienced pro looking to smash their personal best, we’ve got everything you need to power up your workouts at SS Healthfoods. To see more products that will help you make gains and build muscle, take a look at our ranges of workout accessories and equipment, gym weights and bars, and muscle gain supplements.