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    GG Scandinavian offers a wide range of healthy crispbreads using nutritious ingredients to help you achieve a well-balanced diet. Their bran and rye scan bran crispbreads form the perfect fibre-filled snack, or you can enjoy them as part of any meal. Scandinavian bran crispbread also helps you feel more full for longer and promotes a healthy digestive system. What’s more, they’re low in calories and carbs, so it’s simple to keep your diet on track with scan bran! Order yours today and get great prices on the entire range of crispbreads in stock online now at SS Healthfoods.

    Scan bran is full of health benefits, particularly for those who are conscious of their health or are looking after their diet:

    · Full of fibre to boost weight loss
    · Helps you stay fuller for longer
    · Can be eaten alone as a snack or part of a meal
    · Works in a variety of different recipes
    · A low calorie and low carb alternative

    Made from only natural ingredients, GG Scandinavian bran crispbread is also one of the most affordable health foods on the market. There’s no reason not to make scan bran part of your everyday diet!

    GG Scandinavian prides itself on providing the original Scandinavian bran crispbread. Made in Norway back in 1935, the company founder wanted to create a high-fibre crispbread that was both hearty and full of flavour, Now, scan bran can be found in health stores all over the world.

    Order yours today and see how you can make a difference to your diet with GG Scandinavian. We have a great choice of bran crispbreads in stock online at SS Healthfoods offered for fantastically low prices. Don’t forget to also check out our full range of health foods available now.