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    My Raw Joy is an organic and vegan orientated company, producing some of the best gourmet foods with all-natural ingredients. Offering a wide variety of healthy snacks and treats, My Raw Joy is the perfect choice for supporting a well-balanced diet. Eating well doesn’t have to be boring with our extensive selection of vegan cookies, crisps and lots more.

    My Raw Joy’s mission is simple: to make healthy alternatives to all our favourite foods. Whether you are a pizza lover or enjoy indulging in the occasional bar of chocolate, you can have it the healthy way with My Raw Joy. Starting out in a small kitchen in Prague, the original founders of the brand trialled and tested their vegan chocolate. But even when taking away the refined sugar, additives and dairy, My Raw Joy found their creations tasted just as good as the real thing.

    Now, My Raw Joy has expanded. Their range continues to remain 100% organic, lactose free and refined sugar free, but now their products are available all over the world. And with a huge variety of both gourmet and natural foods offered, it’s no surprise My Raw Joy is a firm favourite of vegans everywhere. But even if you don’t follow a certain diet, their snacks and treats are still ideal for healthy snacking on the go.

    Enjoy their scrumptious Raw Vanilla & Chocolate Vegan Cookies, a fantastic fudge-filled delicacy everyone is sure to love. Or if you’re more into savoury stuff, their Pizza Vegan Crisps are made with fresh herbs and tomatoes to make a superbly flavoursome snack.