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    At Protein Snax we aim to develop exceptional products that taste great and sell at a great price. We aim to be different. We don’t see ourselves as a sports nutrition brand, but more of a healthier snack brand that can fit into many category groups as well as the sports nutrition category. We are sports enthusiasts ourselves so we know what you need for recovery, growth & repair but we also know that we all love snacking on great tasting snack.  

    We just love snacking hence why we created the Protein Snax range and we want you to love snacking as much as we do. Throughout the range we have tried to cater for everybody’s needs 1. High in protein – all of our products are high in protein. 2. Vegetarian – All of our products are suitable for vegetarians. 3. Vegan – Our protein pops are vegan friendly 4. High in fibre – Our protein pops are high in fibre. We will continue to develop and produce snacks that taste great but that are also healthier than traditional snacks.