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    Whatever your fitness goal, SCI-MX can supply you with supplements and performance clothing to succeed – from adding lean muscle mass or fat burners for physique development to staying fit and healthy. We stock a wealth of premium quality sports nutrition supplements at fantastic prices.

    Whether you’re a casual gym goer or an expert competitor. Our sports nutrition products are made to complement all types of training and performance goals.

    No matter what your sport, our approach to sports nutrition supplements guarantee you’ll always receive premium quality products, so you can perform at your peak. Whether your goal is to train harder, burn for longer or you just want the right sports nutrition to compliment your workouts, rest assured that SCI-MX can offer you the ultimate in sports supplements.

    From protein shakes, to creatine supplements, to amino acids, SCI-MX has it all and won’t be beaten on price, excellence or service.

    Maybe you want to bulk muscle, reduce body fat or peak your performance to better your sport. Whatever the case, our core focus is on high protein nutrition which is healthy, balanced and low in sugar wherever possible. Our team of scientists are working tirelessly to provide you with the very latest sporting technology to aid your workout, performance and recovery.

    We’ve conveniently categorised our sports nutrition supplements to help you recognise what product is best matched to achieve your ambitions.