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Mutant Mass vs. Serious Mass

Mutant Mass vs. Serious Mass

This week, we’re comparing Mutant Mass and Serious Mass. It’s the battle of the mass gainers. Both of these products are high-quality mass gainers, packed with calories and protein making them ideal for gaining weight and muscle mass. Both have unique weight gain formulas that give you the tools you need to pack on the pounds and muscle.

Both of these products scream quality, so much so that Healthline have included them in the top 10 mass gainers.



Comparing The Calories

With a weight gainer, the number of calories in your shake is important. The more calories, the more fuel you have to gradually increase the muscle in your body.

Per serving, Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass wins comfortably. It packs a punch with 1,251 calories per serving. Whilst Mutant Mass only comes in with 550 calories per serving. However, this is not a true indication of the calories due to the recommended serving sizes between the mass gainers being different. Optimum Nutrition advice that their serving size is 334 g whilst Mutant say theirs is 140 g.

We think a fair reflection of the calories between the two products is to compare per 100 g. With the calculations, Mutant Mass wins this section. Mutant’s mass gain comes in with 393 calories per 100 g whilst Serious Mass only has 375 calories per serving. Whilst it’s only around a 5% difference, every calorie counts!

Protein Content

Another big factor of choosing a weight gainer is how much protein is inside it. If you want to have a read about how protein works, have a read of our post on what protein is all about.

Both products have strong whey protein concentrate inside that can be used to repair and build muscles. Whey protein concentrate is derived from milk proteins and you can also find micellar casein inside Serious Mass as well.

Per serving, Optimum Nutrition is again higher with 52 g of protein compared to Mutant’s 56 g. But again, we’re going to compare it per 100 g to make it fair.

So, per 100 g, Optimum Nutrition’s Serious Mass has around 16 g of protein whereas Mutant Mass has around 18 g of protein per 100g. This makes Mutant Mass the winner of protein content.


The part everyone is interested in, which is cheaper? Mutant Mass has taken the last two rounds – could it be a clean sweep?

For the prices, we’re going to compare the 5.4 kg version of Serious Mass and 6.8 kg version of Mutant Mass.

In the 5.4 kg of Serious Mass, you get 16 servings if you use the recommended serving amount. As of September 24th 2020, we sell it for £40.85 – making it £2.56 per serving. Whilst this may seem expensive for a protein-based product, it’s important to remember that you’re getting more calories out of it than you would a normal meal.

In regards to Mutant Mass’ 6.8 kg bag, you get 26 servings. As of September 24th 2020 we sell it for £39.75. This makes it a whopping £1.53 per serving!

However, as we have done throughout this blog, we’re going to compare prices per 100 g. This is because not only do you get more servings in the Mutant Mass, you also get less grams per serving. Giving them the ability to make it cheaper.

Per 100 g, Mutant Mass wins again – a clean sweep for the high-quality mass gainer. Serious Mass costs 75p per 100 g whilst Mutant Mass is only 58p. This makes Serious Mass over 25% more expensive than its Mutant counterpart.


The Winner Is…

Mutant Mass – a clean sweep. This high quality mass gainer has our seal of approval. However, that is not to discredit Serious Mass as it has its own unique purposes that help it still be one of the worlds best mass gainers. This blog post was a basic overview for those who are just getting to know mass gainers, if you’re experienced and looking for something in particular it’s always best to do your own research.

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